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Nephrology Department Care and Cure Multispeciality Hospital

Care And Cure Multispeciality hospital have the best Nephrology clinic in Gujarat. Our Nephrology department has renowned nephrologists and medical staff members specializing in treating chronic kidney disease, polycystic kidney, CRF, ARF, and all conditions related to kidney transplantation and dialysis.

We provide a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan to every patient by including everything from the pre-diagnosis process to post-treatment steps with the help of our in-house operating rooms, radiology, and pathology departments.

Some of our services:

Some of the common symptoms found in patients with Kidney Diseases:

Our Nephrology department treats every kidney and renal disease with the aim of providing the most notable results under minimum pain and inconvenience. And Being one of the top 10 hospitals in Gujarat and Ahmedabad, we practice that with a sense of responsibility.

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